Sunday, May 27, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 13

Recorded on May 26 2012


  • Normansanzo
  • Tash Irina
  • Daniel Anthony


  • Ian Cheah
    • Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle 
    • Favorite Episode: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 & 2

House Keeping
  • Recently the crew of The MBS Show did a birthday shout out to Sabrina Alberghetti a.k.a. Sibsy. She is a storyboard artist working on MLP:FiM. The awesome part is that she replied to our birthday shout out.
  • Last week most of The MBS Show crew attended the "8th Malaysia Bronies Society meet-up" and had the chance to meet up with almost all of the guest that had appeared on Show.  

News Topic

Daniel Ingram Loves the Fans
  • During the weekend Daniel Ingram posted a little message on his Facebook Fan page. He posted a shout out to the brony community saying where the best fans in the world.

    Here is what he wrote “In quote”:“

    My Little Pony fans are the best fans in the world! It's been an awesome 2nd year and now that the season is over I can't wait to sit back and enjoy all your amazing fan-made creations pouring in. Thank-you all for being such a great support base and sharing your enthusiasm. You inspire me to keep doing my utmost to keep pushing the boundaries and write the best songs I can for you all.”
  • Links can be found in the show notes

Lauren Faust talks about her childhood and pitching a show for girls

Giant Pony Wallpaper can be found in Germany


Hasbro, deviantART and WhiteDove... I just don’t know what went wrong

  • There has been a lot of rumours and speculations about Hasbro’s “Cease and Desist Directly Claim” over WhiteDove’s plushies.

    Wanting to clarify all the misinformation that is going around, WhiteDove has posted an update on the situation on her deviantART Journal.

    What she has stated in her journal was:
    • I NEVER RECEIVED A C&D,  a C&D is an official document from Hasbro.
    • I NEVER received anything from Hasbro, I was never contacted by Hasbro
    • Hasbro contacted DA and DA ask me to remove my commission prices, ONLY
    • I removed the Hasbro names of my own free will, I was not asked to do that
    • I was not asked to stop making pony plushies
    • Hasbro and DA have been very good about this
    • No legal action was taken against me
  • More information can be found in the show notes

Guest Time

In today's Guest Time:

Today’s guest is Ian Cheah. He is one of the administrators for the Malaysia Bronies Society and he is a MLP Twitter Role Player, listen to him share his story and learn a few things about him.

E-Mail Time
  • None this week

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Appleloosa Medley by William Anderson

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Luna's Moon Dance(Orchestral House Original Mix) by Korw

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