Sunday, June 3, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 14

Recorded on June 2 2012


  • Normansanzo
  • Daniel Anthony

  • Wasabi Beans
    • Favourite Pony: Princess Luna & Discord  
    • Favourite Episode: Mostly from season one 

House Keeping
  • Recently The MBS Show crew did an interview with “The World Manliest Borny” Dustykat Rhoades, you can listen to the interview at 

News Topic

Exclusive Derpy Hooves available

My Little Firefox

Guest Time

In today's Guest Time:

Today’s guest is Wasabi Beans. He is a Performing Arts student and he is currently studying in Deakin University in Melbourne Australia, listen to him share his point of view on what makes this show special and enlighten us with the neat tricks that DHX Media uses on the show.

E-Mail Time
  • No E-Mail this week 

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Intro Music
Pinkie Pie's Psychotic Break by William Anderson

Outro Music
Flutterguy's Evil Enchantress by Daniel Ingram
Covered by Wasabi Beans

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