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The MBS Show Episode 19

Recorded on July 7 2012



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  • Usually in housekeeping we talk about what’s going on with the show and the site and sometimes what’s going on with our daily life.

    But once in awhile something comes up that catches my attention and this is one of those times. Recently Tara Strong did an interview with EQD; it was a nice interview and all. In the interview Tara Strong mentioned “Kiki” her friend’s daughter who has a brain tumour.

    She mentioned that and I quote:
    “Her older sister is Melanie, who is friends with my son Sam, they been in school together since kindergarten.

    Kiki’s real name is Tiffany and Tiffany use to come over all the time whenever her dad would pick up Melanie from a play date and this little girl was so hilarious, she loves my voices so much and she would come in and start chasing her and tickling her and doing funny voices for her and this giggle is like... just delicious and she was just a hilarious-hilarious little girl and her nickname was Kiki and I was “Kiki get over here” and I’ll tickle her and do whatever and she was just a funny bug.

    Then one day she literally shutdown and it was because of this brain tumour and right now she’s not speaking or looking or moving at all and the medical community gave-up on her after her treatment and they told her dad to sign her death certificate and her dad refused.

    Then they started seeking alternative treatment to try and shrink the tumour so that they could have a surgery whitch thank god they finally get to do this Friday (July 6 2012).

    But by the way they have no money they left work, left school; Melanie has been doing some home school and trying to keep... and I just had Melanie here a few weeks ago for her first play-date in years. She haven’t played in a year because she’s been travelling with them to Sacramento and Mexico and now they are in San Diego and they given-up so much to... of course as anyone would to save their baby and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to everyone.

    And once Taralicouse launches, all of the SWAG stuff that I’m buying that say Twilightlicouse and also they are going to be contests for Ravenlicouse, Bubblelicouse logo and fun stuff like that. A huge percentage of that proceed will go to her and on top of that I’m going to have auctions item where 100% of the proceed will go to her and god willing the surgery is going to go well on Friday and she’s going to need help for a long time and after that I love to help out other charity.”
  • Thankfully the operation was a success and 80% of the tumour has been removed. You can still help “Kiki” out by donating to her and if you can’t donate you can still pray for them and send her well wishes, they will be greatly appreciated.
  • Links can be found in the show notes.

  • On a cheerful note, Today (July 7 2012) was the Malaysian premier of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The show starts at 8:30am and it doesn’t have any subtitles, this is great.

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Affordable Pony Plushies available at Target

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The original Smile Lyrics by Amy Keating Rogers

Erin Burnett from CNN Talk about Bronies

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