Monday, September 24, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 30: A Long way From Remembering a Name

Recorded on September/22/2012

Episode 30 of The MBS Show is out and our guest for this week is Bass Beast JD, listen to us talk about music and other pony related stuff.

For the full show note:

Guest Time

In today's Guest Time:

Our guest for this week is Bass Beast JD, he is a talented brony musician who does orchestral covers of songs and is heading the Long Way From Equestria Project.

Bass Beats JD’s Link:



The MBS Show Fan Art Contest

We will be holding contest, what we want you to do is send as your art work may it be in the form of a digital drawing, traditional drawing or even a comic inspired from an episode of “The MBS Show”.

All entry must be submitted to our e-mail [], contest will end when all 3 prizes are given away.

Here are the rules for the contest:
  • You must like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be eligible to enter
  • All pieces of artwork must be original
  • You may submit as many drawings as you like
  • No profanity and explicit content
Judging will be done by selected members of The MBS Show crew and the winner will be announced on the show.

Good Luck and we hope to see great things from you.

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Intro Music
Title:  It's Time to Party!
Artist: William Anderson

Outro Music Title: A Long Way From Equestria (Orchestral Cover) (Original by MandoPony)

Artist: Bass Beast JD

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