Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The MBS Show Special Interview with BlackGryph0n

Recorded on October 14th 2012


  • Norman Sanzo

  • BlackGryph0n
    • Favorite Pony: Rainbow Dash
    • Favorite Pony Base on VA: Rarity “Tabitha St. Germain”
    • Favourite Episode: Lesson Zero or Party of One


Guest Time

On this special episode of Guest Time:

Our host Norman Sanzo travel all the way to Singapore to hang out with the Singapore Bronies and to interview BlackGryph0n.

This would be the first live interview for BlackGryph0n and on top of that this will also be the first live show for Norman Sanzo.

BlackGryph0n’s Link:


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Intro Music
Title: Princess Luna!
Artist: William Anderson

Outro Music
Title: Pirl
Artist: Baasik & Blackgrph0n

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