Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The MBS Show Reviews: My Little Pony Best Gift Ever

Recorded on December/16/2018

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Hey there guys, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas from everyone here on The MBS Show crew. Hope you guys have an awesome holiday.

On this weeks episode reviews, Norman Sanzo, Silver Quill, Sapphire Heart Song And Torterra1324 review the My Little Pony Holiday Special Best Gift Ever. Join us for our fun filed review, it going be an amazing episode!!!

In this special, Twilight Sparkle and her friends do a "Hearthswarming Helper" to get just one Hearth's Warming present for another pony, and they race all over Equestria to find the perfect gift.
  • Episode: My Little Pony Best Gift Ever
  • Original Air Date: October 27, 2018
  • Writer: Michael Vogel

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