Monday, April 9, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 6

Recorded on April 7 2012


  • Normansanzo
  • Emillio Daniel
  • Hazi ShyJoey
  • Chua (She Came in late) 
  • Jimmy Lee
    • Favourite Pony : Apple Jack 
    • Favourite Episode: Secret of My Excess

House Keeping
  • Emillio’s story from France

News Topic

In today’s News Topic:

Lauren Faust’s Pony concept art up for bids

Pony Billboard up at Los Angeles

A New Bronies Detected
My Little Pony German DVD and CD on sale
Guest Time

In today's Guest Time
  • Today’s guest is Jimmy Lee or better known as (mm mandarin orange); he’s known for his works on PMV. His most popular PMV is “The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape (Cosmic Love)”. Listen to him talk about how he got started in making PMV and maybe you too can learn a thing or two from him.
Jimmy’s YouTube page

E-Mail Time

Dear Princess Norman,

Oh you! Reading my e-mail to you on Episode 4 of your show...

Wanted to clarify that I do know that Emillio Daniel is the co-host; it's just that I had no comment directed to him at that time. Now I do. Please tell him that he isn't forgotten and he is much loved! (and by now, probably had a blast in France. If he found ponies/bronies there, ask him to share on the next episode?)

Show's still good & captivating, pretty slick edits you made & I could really see effort put into it. Just one suggestion for you guys this time: How about making a transcript of the dialogue spoken? Listening to the history of MBS is nice but would be 20% cooler if there was a transcript next to me (kinda like watching a show with subtitles on)

I realize this suggestion might not be worth the time and effort, but it's just my 2 cents.

Keep baking muffins,

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Intro Music
Fluttershy's Training Montage by William Anderson

Outro Music
Proud to be a Brony by BlackGryph0n

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