Sunday, April 15, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 7

Recorded on April 14 2012



  • Normansanzo


  • Daniel Jeyachristi Jude-Valentine Anthony or Daniel for short
    • Favourite Pony : Pinkie Pie, Cheerilee and Twist
    • Favourite Episode: A Friend in Deed

News Topic

In today’s News Topic:

#Twilightlicous shirt on Ebay

The Royal Wedding invitation

Guest Time

In today's Guest Time

  • Today’s guest is Daniel Jeyachristi Jude-Valentine Anthony or Daniel for short. He is the host for “Lines the unofficial Taylors University Podcast” and also the admin for the “Canterlot Campus!” Taylors University MLP facebook group. Listen to him talk about his experience in podcasting and how is life as a brony in University.

Lines the unofficial Taylors University podcast

E-Mail Time

Dear MBS Show People,

I like the new you review, Yay!

I can hardly make out what Emillio is saying. Boo!

Jimmy is an awesome brony to have as a guest! How about directly linking the videos you talk about with him... the ones he said inspired his works?

I totally agree with Jimmy Lee on his opinion of the Brony community. Well said, mature comments and so the claps well deserved. Friendship is Magic.

Jimmy thinks the show has some serious points; I agree. But in that Rarity + Spike scene I think "emotional" will be done when it's done.

Aw... Jimmy doesn't need to apologize for late videos! He doesn't own us as viewers anything: his video will be done when it's done.

Hope to see Episode 7 soon!

Muffins & cupcakes,

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Pinkie's Disco by William Anderson

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I'm Brony and I Know It by Koroshi Ya

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