Monday, April 23, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 8

Recorded on April 21 2012



  • Normansanzo
  • Emillio Daniel
  • No guest this week =(

House Keeping
  • Update on Emillio's charity album

News Topic

In today's News Topic:

Notch admits to liking MLP:FiM
The Ultimate Shipping Chart
Pony Platforming Project 3: Minty Fresh Adventure
My Little Lego Pony: Friendship is building Magic
Daniel Ingram Interview on the Rolling Stone

E-mail Time

Dear Norman, Joey and my long lost twin brother,

Before I start, EMILLIO, Y U NO co host episode 7!?

I had a great time on the show last week. Brohoofs to an awesome show! I hope being long winded as hell didn't leave too much editing for you to do! In fact, I loved the show very much (probably from the euphoria of hearing my own voice sound so good, probably thanks to awesome editing). In fact, I loved the episode so much I had the team feature it on the LINES podcast as "MBS returning the favour"! Now you have the bragging rights to say you're on iTunes :). (Link:

The effort you all put into this is really a huge contribution to the Bronies of Malaysia. You're really doing what it takes to put this beautiful country on the world map. Though it's quite the challenge to get bronies to come out of their shell especially in a country like this, it's people like you all who help to give back to the community with what we have received from the show and that is what I believe all bronies should stand for.

Kudos and I hope to hear more awesome stuff soon. Keep the love going and brony on!

Daniel Anthony

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Intro Music
Pony Hill by William Anderson

Outro Music
Pokemon vs. MLP:FiM - Gotta Make 'em all Evil by s2jdfgs

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