Monday, June 18, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 16

Recorded on June 16 2012



  • Norman Sanzo
  • Emillio Daniel
  • Daniel Anthony


  • Bamboo Pony
    • Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle
    • Favorite Episode: Party of One
House Keeping

News Topic

In Today’s News Topic:

Deadmau5 is not a Brony but Andrew W.K. could be.

My Little Pony at the 2012 Licensing Expo and Vinyl Scratch is now canon

How do Ponies pick up stuff?

Guest Time

In today's Guest Time:

Our guest for week is Bamboo Pony, he is an up and coming brony musician and not only does he compose music he also draws.

Bamboo Pony’s Link:

Bamboo Pony Soundcloud


E-Mail Time

Dear MBS Show people,

Yes I'm alive and no I didn't forget you guys. I still tune in to your show when I get free time.

I'd like to comment about the newer episodes.

Wow, getting brony celebs onto the show sure is a neat addition! I enjoyed listening to what Dustykatt and Purple Tinker had to say. Perhaps one day we'll get to hear someone from the actual MLP show on?


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Intro Music
Title: A Feeble Performance
Artist: William Anderson

Outro Music
Title: Magic (Forget You parody)
Artist: Peng Win Brony

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