Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The MBS Show Episode 17

Recorded on June 23 2012


  • Normansanzo
  • Emillio Daniel
  • Daniel Anthony
  • Azman


  • 2007excalibur2007
    • Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash
    • Favourite Episode: Sonic Rainboom


  • None

News Topic
In Today’s News Topic:
Ponibooru is Shutting Down

  • http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/06/ponibooru-shuts-down.html
  • If you’re having trouble uploading pictures to Ponibooru, that’s because Ponibooru is shutting down.

    Here is a quote from the founders of Ponibooru:”It
    is not due to any sort of external pressure, nor is it due to financial problems. The reasons are personal: I (Eco/Archive/&c) have simply reached the point where I can see no way to run the site that I can live with, nor do I have any person whom I trust to run the site in a way I can endorse.”

    But don’t fret, a new site has taken up the task for all of your pony picture needs and that site is called Derpibooru.

    Links can be found in the show note.

And the winner for Best Original Song goes to...

  • http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/06/friendship-is-magic-loses-to-penguins.html
  • Back in episode 11 we mention that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic got nominated for 2 “Best Original Song”.

    Now a month has passed and the results are in. The winner for best original song goes to Penguins of Madagascar...
  • They will be no links in the show note but instead here is a picture Celestia banishing the winner to the moon.

My Little Pony Mobile Game is coming this year.

Guest Time
In today's Guest Time:

Our guest for week is the brony that brought you “This Spy Aria” and “Sandviches!” we got none other than 2007excalibur2007
2007excalibur2007’s Link:

E-Mail Time

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Intro Music
Title: This Isn't What I Wished For
Artist: William Anderson
Link: www.andersonscores.com
Outro Music
Title: Between Fairytales and Happy Endings (ft. Liquid Cobalt and ISMBOFepicly)
Artist: Prince Whateverer

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